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    Default Which books should i buy new programmer

    i want to learn programming so i can suggest and understand programs for my company which is using heavily but most of the programs they make are slow and made in VB and some in asp, can anyone suggest books that will make me understand how to make programs for corporate that depend on databases? i think they aiming to go for web based programs now

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    Default Re: Which books should i buy new programmer

    Are you sure you want to use Java for this? If the applications are going to be web based I recommend that you learn PHP.
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    Default Re: Which books should i buy new programmer

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    Default Re: Which books should i buy new programmer


    this is the order we learn web programming at school

    1. HTML (This is a must, but I wouldn't buy a book on it. it isn't really programming though)
    2. Javascript (Client Side Programming. This is considered introductory at my college)
    3. JQuery - this is kind of an extension of Javascript learn Javascript first
    4. PHP - Server side programming - this allows you to do a LOT more than Javascript, but you need basic programming skills and you need to download a program like XAMPP to process your pages so you can
    see what you are doing


    I like Java. It is powerful, fun, and popular. This is the order I would learn it in:

    1. Basic Java - It is not too hard, especially with a program like Netbeans or Eclipse.
    2. Java Swing - This will help make Windows/Forms fairly easily compared to other languages
    3. JavaFX - A Supercharged version of Java Swing
    4. Java Server Pages - These are like PHP, and are a lot of fun, but you need to know Java first.
    5. Java Micro Edition - for mobile devices I think
    6. The list goes on and on for Java

    1. Visual C++ - this is free, but you need to install a new version of the .NET Framework. The programs are supposed to be faster than Java Programs.
    2. Nokia Qt - this is C++, but it acts like Java or JavaFX. It is a lot of fun too.
    3. Visual C++ is part of Microsoft's Visual Studio and is top notch if you can get it to work.

    ALSO, Mac has some programming languages that aren't really accessable to Windows users.
    There are programs that allow you to make apps for Ipods but I am not familiar with them.

    These are probably the most popular choices.

    If there are any used bookstores or if you have a library near you, start there. DON'T get obviously old books.
    Half of the code will be deprecated. To start with, try to get something simple like Java for dummies. Then, after
    you've finished, get one of the huge reference books.
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