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    Question android programming vs game programming using java

    Hi all..I am new to java and have got stuck in a big problem.

    Actually, i have got an offer to teach students in a school either android programming or game programming using java.

    first of all, I just know c/c++. I dont know java at all. So, i need advice from all of u.The internship period is very near. So, i need to rush through everything.

    1. which of these can be learnt quickly and easliy - android programming(a level more than basic app making) OR game programming using java(a level more than basic games making)?

    2.what do i have to learn to achieve both of them(tell me step by step process of learning)? much time will both of them take to be fairly efficient in them( P.S.- i m ready to work desperately for them and put sleepless nights..)?

    4.what all should i download to learn them??

    thak u so much..plz reply as soon as possilble

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    Default Re: android programming vs game programming using java should have your answer to learning both of those, or the youtube channel mybringback has some great java game dev tuts on it. I believe it would be easier to do java game dev then adroid since android has some new methods and some different stuff and it is java so u have to learn java anyway so why not stick to makeing java games?

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    Default Re: android programming vs game programming using java

    Since this isn't a programming question, I've moved it from New to Java.

    Please go through the Forum Rules -- particularly the second paragraph. The other thread you started has been removed.

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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