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    Default Please help! I need a good comprehensive Java book


    I'm currently in my second Java class "Programming Data Structures" and am desperately trying to find a Java book that thoroughly explains all the concepts and codes in a easy to understand straight forward manner. The book that was required for the class "Absolute Java - Fifth Edition" doesn't explain the coding clearly enough. And another book I found "Thinking in Java - Fourth Edition", explains the coding rather well; but there is a lot of content missing that book that was covered in the classes. I've also looked at books like Java for Dummies, but the examples are to simple and lack depth in comparison to the homework I'm receiving.

    Also to note that all each of the books I've tried, they go into great detail about the theory about how the code will (or should) work, but then when they go into the code, there is very little explanation or examples or tips about how to make this bit of code work with that bit of code. Or how this code can be exchanged with that code. Or how to take all the different code fragments to create a complex program.

    Example: In a my Singly-linked list assignment it talks about things like "gotoNext()", showStructure(), isEmpty() and I'm responsible for adding coding into those. Yet in the book there seems to only be brief description of those code fragments. Such as this is boolean or this is a void. Then pages in the book that talk about the things a boolean "can be" used for. But none of the books I've looked at show me how to bring it all together. Or if it does it uses such simplistic examples that look nothing like what is in the homework, which causes me mass confusion.

    I should also mention that coding is NOT my field, I'm only taking these two Java classes as they are required for my bachelors degree. Which is in 3D modeling, 3D texturing, cameras and lighting, etc., majority of which is done in Maya and 3DS Max. I'm merely describing this part to explain that though I'm in (what I consider) an advanced Java class I'm struggling to understand this Java. In my first Java class I received a "C" and that was with the help of a tutor.

    The subjects/chapters/homework I have are of the following.

    Exception Handling
    Debugging with Eclipse
    Inner classes
    File IO
    Singly-Linked Lists
    Doubly-Linked Circular Lists

    With that said, can anyone recommend a thoroughly comprehensive Java book that is also very straight-forward and easy to understand for someone who understands the basics but needs help with what I've described above.

    I would be most grateful for any recommendations!

    On a side note:: I have asked my instructor, fellow students, and the tutors about what book they would recommend I get for help and they have all said to look online. I have and found practically nothing, so that is why I'm asking here.

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    Default Re: Please help! I need a good comprehensive Java book

    Forgot to mention the "Thinking in Java" book is by Bruce Eckel and the "Absolute Java" book is by Walter Savitch; and Kenrick Mock.

    I'm just trying to find a better book and in addition great online tutorials videos (free) would be awesome! The book though is key.

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    Default Re: Please help! I need a good comprehensive Java book

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