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    Default JAVA real-time RTSJ or C++

    Hello Everyone,

    I am at the begining of a robotic projetc. and i need to make a choice about the programmation langage i will use further. my program will receive a large amount of data from some devices and sensors and will use them to produce data . But one of the contraints is that all need to be done in real time. so i was asking me if it is better to use C++ or JAVA real-time RTSJ. i know that C++ is one of the fastest programmation langage and i use it usually. But i know nothing about JAVA real-time RTSJ and all the new notion which are inside like thread ,multithread, timer( i know timer from microcontroller)....

    So i would to know :
    when is it really necessary to use thread ,multithread ? it seems really important in real time programmation. or i didn't really plan to use it with C++

    i think that it is important to use thread if i have to manage applications and not data like in my case.

    what is the difference between RTSJ and C++ in a real time application???


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    Default Re: JAVA real-time RTSJ or C++

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