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    Default Which book should I buy?

    I have already decided I will be definitely purchasing one of the two books below, just haven't made my mind up as to which one:

    Beginning Java Ivor Horton
    Beginning Java: Ivor Horton: Books

    The one above is quite old, however I can pick it up for about under 3 quid which is very cheap. However there is a the latest version in the link below which is much more expensive:

    Ivor Horton's Beginning Java: Java 7 Edition Wrox Programmer to Programmer: Ivor Horton: Books

    Any know the actual differences between the two, should I get the latest one as its 18+ compared to the first which is much more cheaper. Not much has changed in terms of the contents, as I've seen both the content pages and they seem roughly the same. I'm just wondering if the jdk 7 and its stuff is worth the extra bob..

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    Default Re: Which book should I buy?

    For future reference, please be forthright when posting questions to multiple forums...cross-posting can often be portrayed as inconsiderate

    Which book out of these two shall I get?

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