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    Unhappy Need motivation, badly.

    I really want to be able to be pro at java. Just I don't have any motivation, every time I start to code or start a new tutorial I'm just... I don't enjoy it as much anymore. Considering java needs a run time environment, that's one thing that makes me want to stop. I feel like my code will never ever be used. I searched for some video's but meh. I give up really.
    Unless you give me some motivation of course.

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    Default Re: Need motivation, badly.

    Perhaps you should take responsibility and motivate yourself instead of pushing it off onto others to motivate you. Those of us that can help you have a lot of other things screaming for our attention.

    Instead of motivating you, I'll suggest an approach that might help you motivate yourself.

    I think you simply need to set a goal for yourself and challenge yourself to accomplish even a small Java programming achievement. Reading Java documentation and tutorials is pointless if you aren't actively trying to do something with that information. Pick a small programming task, and start plugging away at it. Something not too challenging, with which to start, and just plug away at it.

    The fact that Java requires a runtime environment is no excuse, btw. It's readily available and simple to download and install. What you will need are tools in which to do your development and testing.

    Visit the Java IDE section and pick one of the free Interactive Development Environments from which you can write your java code and compile it. The Java Programming Tutorial may help you to identify question with which you need assistance. Refer to How to ask questions the smart way.

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    Default Re: Need motivation, badly.

    Moved this thread to the lobby as it's not a technical question.

    I'm not really sure what you want us to say. If you don't want to program, you don't want to program. Not much we can do about it. But complaining about a runtime environment that takes a minute to install automatically, especially when that runtime is automatically on stuff like Android devices, seems like the wrong reason to not program.
    How to Ask Questions the Smart Way
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