Hi All,

First time user here and looks like first ever thread in this forum!

I'm a systems engineer for my company, and we recently rolled out Windows 7, with Java preinstalled on the image.
I've had to push out a new reigstry patch by policy more recently, in order to disable the auto-update feature of Jave JRE for all my users, since it was constantly prompting them for admin credentials (UAC), which became a major annoyance.

I'd really like to know if it's actually possible to push out and upgrade java on end-user's machines without needing administrator credentials? (Also without using SCCM, as we dont have this).

It seems daft that for these sorts of situations, where we have a widely used standard (and in some senses vital) appliation, and we have to come up with novel and interesting methods for application deployment for something the everyone else seems to have got cracked (Flash for example).

Any help appreciated!