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    Default "javascript:doSubmit('HELPPLEASE')"

    Okay, I am trying to navigate thru a website automatically. From a form on an access 2003 app, the user hits a button... it loads the website, and enters the credentials without issue. I am trying to initiate the click for login.... Everything I try does not work!

    ---What the HTML says the button is----
    <input class="tButton" type="SUBMIT" value="Log In" name="Login">
    ----What I have been trying ---
    'xxx.Navigate "javascript:doSubmit('Log In');"
    ' xxx.Document.all.Item("Log In").Click
    'xxx.Navigate "javascript:doSubmit('Login');"
    ' xxx.Document.all.Item("Login").Click
    I started thinking maybe it is a Javascript function that is running when that button is pressed... I found this function with the help of firebug addon for firefox. I would just post the website but it is an intranet site

    'xxx.Navigate "javascript:doSubmit('wldInitialisePage');"

    Any ideas or suggestions would be great... I think I have hit a wall.... I posted this question on an access forum and was advised to ask a JavaScript community :)

    Here is an image of the html on the site....

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    Default Re: "javascript:doSubmit('HELPPLEASE')"

    Quote Originally Posted by Redbull View Post
    I posted this question on an access forum and was advised to ask a JavaScript community :)
    Sounds like good advice. Unfortunately, this is a Java forum, not a javascript forum.

    Edit- I moved this thread out of the JSP forum. JSP != javascript.
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    Default Re: "javascript:doSubmit('HELPPLEASE')"

    And since it's off topic for this site, I'm closing the thread.


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