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    Default Instant Messenger Demo Project

    I'm not sure where to post this. I'm deciding on different desktop applications to make for a demo project. The idea being that I put this completed project up on my website as a sort of portfolio to potential customers. (There will be several projects done before launching the website).

    What would be some good ideas of demo projects? I'm doing an instant messaging system. (I'm looking at JBuddy sdk, but if anyone else has another option I would like to hear about that too.)

    Thanks for any suggestions and advice.

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    Default Re: Instant Messenger Demo Project

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    Default Re: Instant Messenger Demo Project


    yes, the best way for you to either get hired or just get some new customers would be to have a portfolio of work.
    However, consder the simple fact that we dont all go around downloading programs from websites we do not trust.
    Instead I would suggest you have your website sitemap look like this.

    PRODUCTS --- JChat (A java msn)
    JBallon ( a ballon game)
    JFISH (a fish smelling object) --- ABOUT PAGE ---- About JFish, Video of JFIsh in use -- ScreenShots of Appliation and source.

    Its very basic, but I think that if you put your videos on your site, with a commentary on the program, its features and such you will get more revenue than if you tell them to download the program. I could ofcourse be wrong, but in my experience, its best to show the customer your work on your own laptop/screen share than asking them to download :)

    Hope this helps.

    (p.s I know your question was releating to the JBuddy Source - but I went a bit offtopic, sorry :)

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