Hey guys. My teacher wants to enter me in the Intel Science and Engineering Fair, in which i have to create some spectacular program that does something extraordinary. If you are willing to share, i would appreciate some suggestions as to what i should do for this (don't think I'm being lazy here, but it just seems that the ideas i have aren't too good, or so my wise friend says). Here are my ideas, let me know what you think of them, and please give me suggestions if you are willing to share your creativity!

1. Java - C++ code converter.

This is my primary focus (I have already begun this, but i'm not too sure about it). Since I am learning C++ when I'm not programming in Java, I thought it would be a cool idea for a program to convert Java code to C++, or vice versa (except for the fact that both languages can do things that the other can't).
I understand that this is very difficult, especially because Java contains a large library of classes, while C++ does not, so i would have to implement many classes. Ugh! Well, So far all it can do is convert System.out.println("Hey!") to cout << "Hey!" << endl;

My teacher liked this idea alot, and said that it would almost definitely make me be a finalist, resulting in college-acceptance for many difficult-entry schools.

2. Advanced Calculator
Although this idea has probably been implemented, i think it would be very useful. It's a calculator that can do any type of math question you have (well, for now, every piece of Math that i know, I'm only in Pre-calculus). Now this idea doesn't seem to me like it would wow the judges, so i'm not too big on this idea, although it would be very practical.

3. Website Layout Designer
This would make it so that the user could graphically move pieces around to design their website as wished, and then when they are done, will generate the HTML (this would require me to learn HTML of course =])
Not too big on this idea either =/

4. My own programming language
I'm not even considering this one. I don't think i've learned enough to do this. Although i plan on creating my own language in college, this idea doesn't seem too possible for me.

So yeah guys, that's all i have so far. Please let me know what you think, and help me out here =]