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    Default Question about website hosting

    I was thinking about creating a website, and having someone like godaddy 'host' the site for me(im assuming thats the right term for getting server space and a domain).

    My question is how would this work if my website has some database connectivity? I guess its simple enough for them to give me a directory for my html/javascript files, but if my website uses a database for like logging people in/out, etc, how would that be handled?

    Would the hosting site give me some jdbc connection information prior to them hosting the site so that I could put that into my code, and then they would create the necessary tables/constraints on their database that im accessing that my webapp needs?

    I was just thinking about how this would work, but maybe its not that complicated. Any insight appreciated.

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    First of all there are alternative plans for hosting: shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting.. You need to look at those plans and decide the one most appropriate for you.

    This web site uses dedicated hosting on Softlayer. Basically, when your website traffic reaches high numbers, you will need dedicated hosting. So, you can start with a shared hosting.. But you should be aware of that the switches between plans and hosts is at least be time consuming. So keep in mind that switching is an issue..

    For shared hosting you can check Web Hosting - Shared cPanel Web Hosting. It is a famous web host as far as i know.

    There are tons of resources on the Internet about hosting (shared/dedicated etc). You should research before deciding.. Probably, everyone has their own experience and biases.

    Regarding your database questions: i did not use shared hosting. But i am pretty sure that they will give you one or more databases to create tables and populate them locally or remotely. It will probably be a MySQL database and you can connect to that database with provided user info locally or from a remote host. For example, in most of the well known web apps (wordpress, joomla etc.) , you only need to specify username,password, database name and database IP to install that web software. The database configuration and installation of tables are performed automatically in the background. The method is same for any other web applications.. JDBC is just an API on top of that low level client/server protocol of the database server.

    In a dedicated server, you can install,uninstall, change whatever you want on the server. The host will install an operating system to the hardware (most probably other utilities such as apache, mysql etc. too) you chose and give you the root user info. After you get the root info, you can connect it over ssh etc..

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