Hi Everyone,

I have an Inventory Database(Oracle 10g), where when the items are IN, we scan two times as we have two barcodes PartNo, SerialNo for each item. The scanned data is in .CSV file, Loaded to Oracle database using Oracle SQL Developer. The database table have 23 columns, including PartNo, SerialNo,Transaction_Status, Dt.of.Transaction, when i load the .CSV file to this table the Transaction_Status,Dt.of.Transaction,Inventory_Qty should be IN ,currentDate() and 100 automatically on load. This is the process for Transaction IN.

We scan the items again when the items are OUT, again same scan two times as we have two barcodes for each item, PartNo can be same for a series of SerialNo. When we scan 10 items for eg. i need to write a program to compare these scanned items in the database and just make Transaction_Status, Dt.of.Transaction,Inventory_Qty to OUT, watever dt.of.out transaction,90 respectively. This is the process of OUT Transaction.

And one more thing is Add New OUT Transaction, I have a jsp page where i have all the 23 fields to add to Database, for ex. 10 items with same PartNo and series of 10 SerialNo is scanned and OUT today, In this Add New OUT Transaction page if i key in all these values once, and click submit it should fill 10 fields in the database with one submit.

Now the problem is i have no idea how to do this in Java/J2EE. Please can anybody help me to do this or give me some skeleton structure would be great. Is this possible in java?? Please reply soon.