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    Default Legal to use the Java Logo?

    Hey all,

    First time poster and not sure I am posting this question in the right area but I am curious if anyone knows the legality of using the Java logo on my website. I have done some research online and can't find a real clear answer. I found something on Oracle's sit that says, "Oracle does not authorize the use of the Java logo." I don't know if that means another group/company decides who can use the logo or if no one is allowed to use it. Thanks for any help.
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    I think it is fairly clear that they do not authorize anyone to use it.

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    Default Re: Legal to use the Java Logo?

    I think this is your answer (from The Java Technology Brand ):
    Logos for Individuals and Third Party Developers
    Express your enthusiasm and support for the excitement Java technology brings to your every day world. Spread the word that cell phones, the Mars Rover, automobiles, kiosks in shopping malls, desktop computers and printers, medical devices, and even some trips to outer space all in part stand on the shoulders of Java technology -- and you can too.

    Please read the guidelines that are downloaded with the logo for specific requirements related to the use of this logo. In general however, some places you can use this include:

    In your weblog to show you're talking about Java technology
    As a stand-alone icon on your website that links to Java + You
    On ancillary Trade Show signage and limited T-shirt runs for booth staff
    For internal presentations and research papers
    In general marketing collateral suggesting support for Java technology
    As your personal tattoo, skate/snowboard sticker, or car bumper sticker.
    Please note, this logo is expressly *not* for use on products or marketing materials dedicated to specific products. It also does not indicate any certification of products or services by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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