Hello all, I am final year engg project and have taken up a WordNet-based Summarizer as my final year project..problem is i have never worked with NLP before, and although i have made some headway into the project, i havent been able to make more than a iota of implementation...

My algo works like this...Generic Text Summarization using WordNet

wordnet is only a "domain identification tool"...not a complete support for summarization..

so far i have only been able to do only the Sentence Detection using LingPipe library..but i will move to OpenNLP within a day....i need help in what to do next..i have not worked with programming in natural languiage processing before...so i am only a beginner and need some guidance...need some reference materials on understanding on what i am doing..

u need not spoon feed me..just tell me what to do and i'll figure out how to do it...will ask only doubts here....i will be really grateful if u guys help me..