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    Default need help with memory game for visually handicapped


    For a school project to help people in 3rd world countries we needed to make a memory game. But we have encountered serveral problems since these are the demands:
    - people who are not able to play the ‘classic' form, such as blind and visually handicapped individuals or otherwise motorically handicapped people.
    - people that are physically separated from each other, such as players of the game in different countries. Speaking the same language should not be a requirement for playing the game.
    - internet users that make use of ‘internet devices' (programming aids or operating systems) other than the usual personal computer with browser, keyboard and mouse.

    We thought the solution would be audio with keys assigned to certain cards, but we have no clue how to script that since we all don't really know java. Could any of you please help?

    Yours sincerely,
    The Farel Team for

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    For motorically handicapped people keyboards might be impossible to operate accurately; maybe a touch screen can be of any help (a pad maybe?). For the blind people sound can possibly do it; Google for freeTTS (speech) and jFugue (nice sounds). Otherwise large cards (with high contrasting colours, no detailed images) can maybe a solution. Also braille keyboards come to mind ... Java itself also has an accessibility framework for its visual components. Google is your friend here.

    kind regards,

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