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    Default Somebody please help me! You must know how! This has been plauging me for months!

    I have had this problem for a year or so and I have spent so long trying to fix it I feel like I am going to fucking cry.

    I have the latest java and JDK. I can not run any .jar files. I can play stuff that uses java through my browser but cannot run a program off my hard drive. I am using vista.

    Let me explain it in a simple form:

    1. Father downloaded new java I think and maybe something else like windows update.
    2. When I try to run my .jar files it says it doesnt know what to open it with.
    3. Ages trying to fix it.
    4. .jar files open a black command prompt box with text for a split second then it closes instantly.
    5. uninstalled all my java staff again.
    6. Reinstalled the newest Java and JDK.
    7. See step 4.

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    jar files might be executable, but are not graphical gui clients.
    instead of double clicking on them in the windows explorer, are you able to open a command console, cd into the folder where this jar file is, and type "java -jar thejarfile.jar"

    the stuff it spits out on the console will then stay there, if it is an error message you will be able to see what the error is.

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    ^Thats what happens if I try to open a .jar with command. It would seem to say that the problem is that it cannot acess jarffile.
    I happen to know there are two registry keys I cannot acess, delete, change permission, etc called .jar and jarfile.

    and I used to be able to execute the .jar files with a double click.
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