Hey guys,

Spent the past two days installing pointless software attempting to repair my PNY Swing 4GB USB Stick.

Point A - Pulled it out of my desktop at work, after I shutdown the PC.
Point B - Placed it into my home desktop, where it could not be found. After 2 minutes, I pulled it out and placed it into my laptop.

It is found but comes up as a Removable Disk. Which has no media

Uninstalled the driver via Device Manager.
Attempted to Boot while USB in PC.
Used HP's USB Boot Utility and USB Format Utility.
Attempted to reformat via slax, but slax could not find the drive.
and lastly attempted to install the attache driver for the usb.

So it is visible, but unable to access file system.

My last shot is to boot it with a Windows XP Installation CD, hope that the disk sees he usb and reformat it that way

Does anyone know any other possible solutions?