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    Smile What code would you put in a wedding program?

    Hey everyone! I'm getting married this October, and my fiance and myself are both computer science majors. We chose the date 10/01/10, so yeah you can say we're nerds lol. I've been coming up with other cute ideas to implement our joy of programming into our wedding such as having our cake be piped with 1's and 0's :D. I also came up with the idea of making a wedding program (you know something that you hand out to the guests so they can see the names of the bridal party and outline of events, etc). So it will literally be a wedding program in the sense that it will include those things, but also be written in java, so it is also a wedding program. Get it? Okay, so I just need some help with ideas of a cute program that would look readable enough to people who don't know programming, but also be funny for people who do. I appreciate your guys' help!

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