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    Default CMD is not reading commands

    Recently I did a full system recovery on my computer. Since the recovery, CMD is not reading commands such as 'javac' or 'ipconfig'. Am I missing a download? If I am, can i have a link to it? Thank-you!

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    Reason is that you didn't setup the environment variables properly. System executable like ipconfig.exe and so on are located on system folder, normally it's in C:\WINDOWS\system32. If the system cannot locate that then executables are not kick-off.

    Check on system variables, there is a variable name Path and there should be specified the system folder path. Actually it's automatically map when you installing the OS in your pc.

    Setting up the class path for Java is something different. You are referring system applications as well as additional application like Java. They have different setup.

    Check and let me know.

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