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    Default upgrading each java upgrade?

    i have a general question. do you upgrade each java update release from sun? i develop with java 6 update 17 and a few minutes ago a saw the the website is offering java update 18. i don't miss nothing in update 17 so why update to 18? what do you think?

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    thise minor updates are usually to fix bugs or to address security concerns. So unless you follow their change logs and are anxiously waiting for a bug in the VM that is effecting your operations, generally if the current installation is not problematic for me then I would just leave it at the what ever version is installed.
    When I set up a new system I always go get the latest one if it is handy.

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    It's depend on the release. Most of the minor releases are for bug fixes, and major release comes with new features. Normally what I'm doing is that read the release note before update, if it's useful to me. Otherwise I don't want to disturb to my current setup.

    Normally for any software I'm doing that only if necessary.

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