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    Default So... What is Duke (java mascot)?

    It's been bothering me about what duke is or how he came to be.

    Is he a fat guy with a black dunce cap?
    An anthropomorphic dinosaur tooth?
    A gothic clown who was slammed in between the wall and door headfirst?

    You guys know anything about him?

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    I know about him :D I just read about him in my study notes earlier.

    ...the team demonstrated a prototype remote control like device with a touch-screen sensitive screen called *7. When a user first touched, the screen, it displayed a cartoon world where a character named Duke, guided the user through a cartoon representation of the rooms of a house.
    The team refers to Patrick Naughton, Bill Joy, James Gosling and three others (who were commissioned by Sun Microsystems to form a research group) Though that quote refers to the team minus James Gosling.

    Duke the cartoon character is Sun Microsystems.

    Hope that clears it up for you :)

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