Conference : Cloud Computing and Virtualization Workshop & Certification - Hadoop Boot Camp
Date : 26 - 27 Nov 2009
Venue : Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Country : Singapore
Website : www . apactechforum . com

There is a lot of talk going on about Cloud Computing and all of the associated benefits, cost savings, speed and so on. But there is little information on exactly how to take advantage of Cloud Computing and make the technology work for your organization.

Hadoop Boot Camp provides the information to make good decisions on how to use the power of Cloud Computing in your organization, and trains your technical team with the skills needed to act on, and implement those decisions

This 2-day workshop is the only one of its kind being offered today which gives you practical, hands-on decision making and skills development in the area of working in the Hadoop eco-system, the core technologies in the area of Cloud Computing.

After completing this workshop, delegates will be capable of understanding what the Hadoop eco-system is, and how it benefits organizations. Delegates will have learned the technical skills that are needed to take advantage of the Hadoop eco-system.

Workshop Agenda:
~ Conceptual Architecture
~ Hadoop Runtime
~ Thinking in MapReduce
~ Hadoop API
~ MapReduce Patterns
~ Advanced MapReduce
~ Physical Architecture
~ Cluster Runtime
~ MapReduce in Practice
~ Alternative Interfaces

About your Workshop Leader: Stefan Groschupf, Co-founder of Scale Unlimited, USA is the pioneer in the Cloud Computing Space, he is also the founder of Katta, Architect of Nutch and Hadoop solutions.

Stefan designed and built his first search engine for a university library in Germany at the age of 19. By 21, he founded Media Style, Inc., a computer engineering company specializing in text-mining, search and e-commerce applications. Over the past fourteen years, Stefan has been one of the pioneers in the open source cloud computing space, the founder of Katta, the open source distributed Lucene index project, and Bixo.

Listed as "100 Most Important Young Germans", in Stern Neon Magazine 2003, his experience includes architecting and building large scale web applications for Siemens, Hoffman La Roche, BMW, the German federal states and government ('Bund und Lšnder'), Intel, Siemens, Deutsche Post World Net, and more. As an early adopter and contributor of Nutch, the parent project of Hadoop, he has architected both Nutch and Hadoop solutions for several startups and government organizations in Europe and the U.S.

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