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    Hello to all,

    I was thinking about a few ideas. Can anyone advise me if they're too problematic to pursue.....

    Do you ever think like technology represents the human condition, like lenses in cameras, and computers storing memory?

    - to that end - I believe OOP replicates human cognition. Like you probably have a class storing the letters of the alphabet and numbers......and then you have a class that has the method to add, string grammar together to make sentences & multiply numbers...............

    I was reading about AI research recently and there seems to be a general consensus that a lot of computer memory is taken up with all the additions of different cognitive processes that AI researchers try to model........I was thinking about the theory of forgetting...because we forget a lot of information & there is a lot of implicit processing going on in the brain.

    Maybe AI research is too complex. Maybe it should be going back to the idea or 'if your replicating something, you must replicate it exactly.'

    I think its possible to write a 'driver programme' that is capable of acting like I am now. It's aware of what it is doing. It is learning, and drawing from its 'classes' to complete this task.

    Is that too simplistic a view? I was looking at neural network modelling. I find it hard to understand all this mathematical terminology. Do you think Ockham's razor applies. Something that is quite brilliant is usually quite simple. This may not make a lot of sense!!!!!! I just started learning Java, but did a degree in psychology.

    PS: Does anybody know anything about Machine learning/ evolutionary computing? I am interested in these. I think there is a link here somewhere

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    Any sort of AI programming is extremely advanced from the coding perspective. I'm not suggesting you do so, but you would have to immerse yourself in Java programming for several years to even begin to have the skills to do what you are talking about, assuming you have the natural talent for programming.

    I don't mean to be harsh, but I would suggest looking for another avenue of research...

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    Red face authentication, reliability, findablitilty

    Ignorance is very much a legitimate approach to ai - not that you are going to get past a Ph.D. thesis dissertation with the matter but I hear a lot ringing in you proposal.

    OCR is a really hot topic in several code camps, it's relationship to ai is well proven and in no undergraduate course I would sit still for would there be any less than ten percent of the effort definitely scheduled for ai or related topics. There is significant risk, as in burned sheepskin, to set a definite and wire bound course on solely this goal. Use the 80/20 rule. ( not hard to find ) temper with common sense and invited rebuttals. Telltale for me is that there is no such thing as a class in the backplane of a 7700 - it is all wires. Class and many programming practices we see sold wholesale derive or descend from some good problem solution ideas but any code camp that cannot go with an Owl swooping on it's furry little hide is sure to die in an ide.

    On the short, it will be ineffective to ignore having not been in the field and as such having something to ignore. Ignoring non significant information in a scan done in an Office would be forefront work. Technology represents the human internalization of an ideal world, and is getting too far adrift in a world model of it's own fantasy. This is well known in contemporary forefront work at the Doctorate level in funded research, real sincerity and moderated thought would be given non-trivial examination by a wide array of workers in the arena. In paticular: Intentional near systematic acceptance of incorrigible sub-prime seekers as quotidian may be correlated with a nearly failed world banking system.

    I seriously doubt the near failure could have propogated with clear & concise examination of all results, there are thesis subjects not as worthy, the challenge would be to not become one of the ignorant. Easier said than done if people can see right through you.
    Introduction to Programming Using Java.
    Cybercartography: A new theoretical construct proposed by D.R. Fraser Taylor

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