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    Smile Error while converting trace file to readable txt


    I want to convert a trace file to readable format. I gave the proper command. But it gives the error.
    The details are listed below...

    D:\Oracle\10gr2mt\jdk\jre\bin>java -cp d:\oracle\10gr2mt\forms\java\frmxlate.jar
    oracle.forms.diagnostics.Xlate datafile=D:\Oracle\10gr2mt\otrace\
    c outputfile=D:\Oracle\10gr2mt\otrace\forms_5492.xml outputclass=WriteOut

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException
    at Method)
    at 194)
    at 224)
    at oracle.forms.diagnostics.ReadDataFile.readStrAttri bute(Unknown Source
    at oracle.forms.diagnostics.ReadDataFile.preRead(Unkn own Source)
    at oracle.forms.diagnostics.ReadDataFile.preReadEvent (Unknown Source)
    at oracle.forms.diagnostics.Xlate.process(Unknown Source)
    at oracle.forms.diagnostics.Xlate.main(Unknown Source)
    Can anybody provide solution ..?

    Thanks in Advace,

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