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    Question better responsiveness?....

    For several days now I have been getting well over 50% of the posts I wish to respond to showing further work by several authors but when I 'click-in' posts are not showing and include "Last Post Today by (....)" showing today for work that was done yesterday. Seems to do well on first response to new poster but in paticular it seems longer threads and posts by members with many responses just seems to "slide off" the list.

    I don't want to sound like a moaner but this is somewhat scary as it is easy to screw up and appear slacker-like due to reasonable effort and due dilligence in addressing subtle issues and fine distinctions in the face of not as experienced posters who may not be able to diffract nuances. I got hammered once badly on this trying to help a complete newbie who had read HF and was making immaculate grammer serve what sounded like doctorate level help on tradional teaching.

    oops, should have been in feedback and fault...
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