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    Hi people,

    I have written an article on Child Labor. So, thought of sharing it with you people. Hope you will get what i'm trying to say through this article.

    Here it is,

    Child Labors

    Have you seen them?? (i’m askin’ you comrade)
    For God sake does not say “Who knows and who cares”. You have seen them.

    What would be your reaction on seeing them working??
    Nothing. I’m sure nothing. Am I correct?? Your answer is “umm… uha… I mean… like… to be honest… you know… (A long pause) YES”. I knew it, and so as you.
    The truth is, though seeing them you wouldn’t have realized that they are child labors. This time I’m not going to ask you if I’m correct because I know that I’m right.

    Why people don’t realize??
    That’s because, they are going to affect them in no way. This is what I call it as selflessness (So kind of them ;)). This is what has made people nothing about them. I tell you what? People have lost their senses. Probably that’s the reason why they are leading a life like this (sloppy life). Poor they. Mind you, He (GOD) is seeing us. There is no escape from his eyes. I’m happy in that way as a minimum. Not now, but at least later they will be punished.

    Have we ever engaged you with a Child Worker??
    (I mean, do we have any relation with them?)
    Trying to say no? (I mean, trying to say lie?) Ha ha… never do it my friend.
    For a while, think of few children which whom you have seen last, who was working. May be in some small restaurants, mechanic shops, beach, park, road side seller etc., you might of dealt with them.
    Yes?? If yes, oh my friend you have committed a sin/crime
    No?? (If you say like, “hare… NO yaar, I jus saw them working. My good time I din buy anything from them. Gosh… am fortunate… I din commit a sin…bla bla bla…”) this is what I call it as Escapism. And as a matter of fact, doing so, you had done the biggest/largest/deepest/shallowest/highest (and what ever left over ‘est’ is there in the grammar manuscript) crime/sin of all time.

    (The reader says) Fine I realized my fault. Now what is that you want me to do??
    (I say) Oh thank you comrade. Nice of you/Kind of you/sweet of you (and what ever you feeling like adding…J).
    And then what did you ask me? (Now what is that you want me to do??)
    Was I telling you about rocket science (to give you more tips and advice)?
    You know what to do. Then what is that you are waiting for?

    Java Code:
    [FONT=Verdana]String a=null;[/FONT]
    a=//your thought...
    [FONT=Verdana]if(a.equal(“I realized”)){[/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana]System.out.println(“You know what to do. Do it. ”);[/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana]else if(a.equal(“I din’t get you”)){[/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana]System.out.prinltn(“Kindly go through the page once again. Thank you. ”);[/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana]System.out.prinltn(“umm… uha… I mean… like… to be honest… you know… (A long pause) I really don’t know what to say ”);[/FONT]

    Disclaimer: If you are a sort of person who cares for the society and if you feel that you are a social activist and if you are against the evils that are happening in our society, then “YOU” in this page doesn’t really point you. J Thank you.

    ~Freddie Maize
    August 9th, 2008

    Hope I have not wasted your time..
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    This isn't me trying to belittle you, or mock you in any way shape or form but as some serious advice, I would try to correct your grammar. It's something that puts readers off. It shouldn't, but it does.

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