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    Default PASCAL & JAVA? for senior members

    I would like to reanimate a twenty-year-old Pascal code. The code controlled a small yamaha sound module called FB01, a little black box that did many things which other synthesizer could not do (such as micro tones). The FB01 and the Pascal program formed the electronic component of a composition, on text of Apollinaire, called Cités for voice, cello and live electronics. See WILLEM DRAGSTRA WEB SITE under recordings for a sound sample (sorry for some clipping).

    The program sets a clock, uses a foot switch (plugged in the left mouse button) and sends midi-codes out. It was written for an old Atari-st computer which is not around anymore.

    The ideal would be to get it going (again) on a pc or better mac book. Another idea is to transelate it all into JAVA or MAX-MSP.
    The problem could be:
    1) setting the clock (modern comp are much faster)
    2) sending midi codes (midiport)
    3) changing the pedal/ left mouse button into midi(-in)pedal
    One can find the complete code which is very extended at WILLEM DRAGSTRA WEB SITE. After writing the code 20 years ago I have some hard time understanding it (HAHAHA, one grows old).


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    A MIDI port is just slow serial communications. It should be doable, but I haven't tried to program any serial I/O in a decade.

    I don't think you need to slow the CPU clock, you just need a timer loop to output the MIDI sequence at the proper, and very slow, speed.

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    Yes, fishtoprecords, there is a clock set:

    include 'midi.def';
    include '';

    I suppose the next code starts the clock:

    clkset(6,klok); (klok is the dutch Word for clock and is here a constant of 237)

    I do not know what the two parameters mean (do not remember).

    There is a lot of stuff going on like this:
    if (clkpls>=(i1*3)) and (i1<50) then
    i1:=i1+1; {crescendo}

    I suppose the clkpls reads the actual clock time out?
    And the ii var is a ¨chronological counter¨?

    I have to find a way to get midi in and out

    I started to explore a free open pascal thing on mac
    At Microbizz
    Having some trouble to get the debugger started of the Xcode mac IDE for pascal

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