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    Exclamation Forum Rules: Marking your Thread as Solved

    When you post a Java related question and your question has been answered, please mark your Thread as 'Solved'.
    This is important to remember as it allows other members to see which threads require attention.
    The result of this is your questions will be answered more quickly and it will also help you to identify threads of a similar nature that have already been solved.

    Marking a thread as solved is quick and easy.

    Once you are happy that your question has been answered:

    Go to your post and click 'Thread Tools' at the top.

    You will then see the option to 'Mark this thread as solved'

    Click this and [SOLVED] will be added to your Thread title.

    Note: You will not be able to mark your thread as solved until atleast one member has replied.

    Please always follow this rule as it will improve the overall user experience of these Forums.
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