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    Question Re-enter information question

    Hi guys,

    I'm using BlueJ, doing a small project for College.
    The project involves getting the user to enter information, do some calculations inside Java and showing the results a number of ways.

    My problem is this:
    How do I code it so that incorrect information needs to be reentered?

    For example- If the user enters a grade of 110, it must be between 0-100 so how do I make it go back to reentering?
    (Awkward wording )

    Here's my current code:

    System.out.print("Critical Thinking grade: ");
    if(opGrade<0 || opGrade >100)
    System.out.println("Please reenter the number");
    System.out.print("Critical Thinking grade: ");
    Using this way works, except if the wrong number is entered again, it just skips to the next question.


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