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    Default whebsphere and tomcat 4.1

    I've tried to see the way to make work tomcat with whebsphere and the truth is that the pages jsp works running them with run on server but when I redirect this page to servlets, doesn't run servlets.
    However it runs if I execute it with run on server

    I mean when I send the form to servlets an error 404 did not find the page appears

    I'd like information of how to prove my servlets with tomcat or with another server.

    Thanks a lot


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    Default Re: whebsphere and tomcat 4.1

    I think it doesn't work when you try to execute a servlet using a web page, with the tag <FORM>.

    If it's so, you've to look at the feature action of the tag and see if it is correct the address of the server.


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