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    Default Exposing REST service as EJB 3.1 method

    How to convert Restful WebService (RestEasy) to EJB 3.1 Stateless session bean

    In my current project we are using Restful Web Services (Resteasy) combined with Jpos and Jcard with an ISO-8583 message format. The task is to remove all the dependencies of resteasy,jpos and jcard and implement it through EJB 3.1 stateless beans for the current functionality.

    I have seached / googled all over the net with regard to how to proceed but unluckily no success till yet.

    Would be grateful if any one can provide any pointers / suggestions / demo code for the same.

    Please Note - Its a already developed module in Restful + jpos + jcard .. is it possible to convert restful webservice to ejb 3.1 stateless beans ..using jboss server..

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    Default Re: Exposing REST service as EJB 3.1 method


    java - Exposing REST service as EJB 3.1 method - Stack Overflow

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