I'm deploying some Entity beans but when I have a remove method in a localhome interface i get this error :

Bean : HSBCBcdmHolidays
Method : public abstract void remove(HSBCBcdmHolidaysPK) throws RemoveException
Section: 12.2.11
Warning: Each local home method must match a method defined in the entity bean class.

This is the ejbRemove in the Bean :

public void ejbRemove(HSBCBcdmHolidaysPK key) throws RemoveException {
try {
m_primaryKey = key;
} catch (Exception ex) {
throw new EJBException("ejbRemove: " + ex.getMessage());

And this is the method in the localhome :

void remove(HSBCBcdmHolidaysPK key) throws RemoveException;

I really dont know what can i do.