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    Question EJB Java Application Client jars needed

    I have an EJB module running in a Glassfish v3 server. I need to develop a Java Application Client that consumes this EJB from different JVM (in other machine). All tutorials that I have read says that I have to call or add to the client classpath some jars from the Glassfish installation directory. I need this application to be distributable so doing this makes it no distributable. Can you tell me what jars specifically I need to include in my project?. I'm using Netbeans IDE.

    Some articles that I have read:

    EJB FAQ —

    CreatingEJB3UsingNetbeansAndGlassfish - NetBeans Wiki
    (Including jars that does not exist)
    (appserv-deployment-client.jar (tip from David Etheridge)
    appserv-ext.jar (tip from David Etheridge)
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