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    Default How to tackle this unexpected ClassCastException (PLZ HELP)

    I am facing a very small problem which is driving me mad..

    I am calling a business method 'public List getPsubcategoryList()' from a stateless sessionbean named SlBrowseProducts .. this method used entitymanager instance to retrieve a list of Objects from Database Table mapped to Entity class named Psubcategory. this I did using a namedQuery. The list returned contains elements of type Object, I have to attach a iterator named myIterator to list and cast eachof the's to the type Psubcategory to make the result element useful and run any getters on it. However this casting returned the following error..

    SEVERE: java.lang.ClassCastException: entitybeans.Psubcategory cannot be cast to entitybeans.Psubcategory

    I tried googling extensively to find the cause for it.. to which I came across something called 'ClassLoader Hell' which might be causing it..

    Is there any solution to this problem. Is there any other way around this... I have tried not using Iterator and instead using for loop ... but even then I have to cast.. which again lands me to the same problem..

    Please Help m tight on schedule.

    ====================JSP PAGE==================

    List<Psubcategory> subcategoryList1 = slbp.getProductSubcategories();
    for(int i=0;i<subcategoryList1.size();i++){
    Psubcategory temp = subcategoryList1.get(i);
    } ===============

    public class SLBrowseProducts implements TestInterface {

    EntityManagerFactory emf = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory("INNOVATIVE-INDOORSPU");
    EntityManager em = emf.createEntityManager();

    public List getProductSubcategories(){
    List subcategoryList=em.createNamedQuery("Psubcategory. findAll").getResultList();
    return subcategoryList;

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    Default Re: How to tackle this unexpected ClassCastException (PLZ HELP)


    can you change the getProductSubCategories with the below code:

    public List getProductSubcategories(){
    List<Psubcategory> subcategoryList = entityManager.createNamedQuery ("Psubcategory.findAll", Psubcategory.class).getResultList();
    return subcategoryList;

    Hope it should work, as we are giving the type of object that we need to cast in the createNamedQuery, returns all the objects of that type .
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