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    Default Need guidance in choosing the appropriate technology

    Hi there. I'm new to J2EE, EJB, and most things Java. Other than Java programming in college, I've done nothing with it in the past decade.

    The basics:

    I am working on creating a simple server application that connects to an Oracle database and exposes various methods via a web service. It needs to support SOAP or REST and I'll be connecting to it using applications written in Delphi and other languages. I have my application mocked up in Delphi and using IIS I'm able to access it remotely. However, I need platform independence so I'm looking at Java.

    The specs:

    + Communicate with Oracle
    + Platform independence
    + Support SOAP or REST for communicating with client apps
    + Must have GUI for administrator to tweak settings or the management console could be exposed by a web page that accepts login credentials.

    What Java technologies should I be investigating? I have the Java EE Tutorial which I'll read today, but Java seems to be absolutely littered with buzzwords and technologies that I don't want to get started down the wrong path. Then I see that there are various application servers and that Eclipse has built-in drivers for different ones. Does this mean that my application will need to be tailored to one particular application server? Is there a way to make it fully independent so that I can deploy this to anyone using any platform and web server of their choosing and have it just work?

    I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. Any help is appreciated.

    <edit>I should add that I've already played with Oracle XDB and APEX and used its utilities for setting up a web service and using PL/SQL to accomplish my goals. This works well, but has the undesired side effect of requiring newer implementations of Oracle. I've opted instead to just use Oracle as a repository and place all of the web service work and data processing in my server application so that older versions of Oracle would be no problem.</edit>

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    Default Re: Need guidance in choosing the appropriate technology

    micheal you got some responsibilities here. I suggest you scan through this - The Java EE 6 Tutorial hope it helps

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