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    Default Learning Stateful session beans


    I am learning stateful session beans, and I need some help and/or explanation.

    I created a very simple stateful bean.

    Java Code:
    public @Stateful class AdderBean implements Adder {
    	private int data=0;
    	public int getData(){
    		return data;
    	public void addData(int d){
    		data = data+d;
    I created a client servlet which reads an integer parameter from a textbox field, call the addData method of the bean and print the incremented value.

    I have some problems with this little test application. If i get the bean inside the doGet method its behave like a statless bean. It only contains the last inserted value. However if i get the bean in the constructor of the servlet it works like a singleton bean and if i test it in two different browser which maintains two different sessions I can modify only one value and it's shared between two browsers.

    I want to increment the value in the bean through more then one call like it is a very simplified shoping cart bean.

    How can i use this bean?
    Should I have to put the bean reference into the Session object and get it for every call?

    May i misunderstood the concept of the stateful session beans, I think i don not have to maintain session manually when I use enterprise beans.

    Please, provide me a proper method or explanation.
    Thank you for your help.

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