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    Default I can't use Entity Class (JPA) in Netbeans7.0 .

    I tried to use Entity Class (JPA) in Netbeans7.0 but It doesn't work.

    1. I create Enterprise Application name BookApp.

    Create Entity Class

    2. I right click at BookApp-ejb and select Entity Classes fron Database.
    3. In dialog New Entity Class from Database I insert JNDI Name:jdbc/test for connect to test database and select table books. After that ,I click Next for insert Package: entity and click Finish.

    Create Session Bean

    4. I right click at BookApp-ejb and select Session Beans for Entity Classes and click Next.
    5. I click Add All >> and click Next.
    6. I insert Package: sb , create Interface:Local and click Finish.

    Create Web Application

    7. I right click BookApp-war and select HTML insert HTML File Name :findBook and click Finish.
    8. I put this code in HTML file

    Java Code:
    <form action="ShowBook" method="POST">
    <h2>Search Book from ISBN </h2>
    Enter ISBN <input type="text" name="isbn" value="" />
    <input type="submit" value="Find" />
    9. I right click BookApp-war and select Servlet insert File Name: ShowBook, Package: servlets and click Finish.
    10. I right click in editor and select Insert Code… > Call Enterprise Bean…
    11. In dialog Call Enterprise Bean I select BooksFacade and click OK.
    12. I uncomment html and insert this code between out.println("<body>");

    Java Code:
    String isbn = request.getParameter("isbn");
    Books book = booksFacade.find(isbn);
    out.println("Title: " + book.getTitle()+ "<BR>");
    out.println("Author: " + book.getAuthor() + "<BR>");
    out.println("Price: " + book.getPrice() + "<BR>");
    13. I clean and build BookApp.
    14. I run BookApp.
    15. I go to this URL http://localhost:8080/BookApp-war/findBook.html and insert isbn from books table but when I click Find button It show error like this.

    HTTP Status 500 -

    type Exception report


    descriptionThe server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.



    I don't know what I mistake. I delete Session Beans and create Session beans again but no create Interface. when I run BookApp it show same error. I'm new for EJB. please help me.

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