I have a question on integrating 2 java based applications. I shall try to explain the issue with an example:
There are 2 applications, both java based
Application A is a middleware, using JBoss as application server, and is connected to a web site and accepts requests from customers
Application B is a backend transaction engine written in Java. This application uses EJB to connect and transact between its modules
Assuming a balance enquiry request is made by a client, the request is accepted by App A and makes a WSDL call to App B. This means that App B should have some sort of integrator to accept the WSDL, transact in its native EJB format and give output back as a web service. The question is; is there a universal connector / union / shunt / junction for accepting WSDL, convert to native EJB, transact and then push the output back to the connector to broadcast as web service. What I mean is: can there be an interface between the 2 applications whereby the interface acts as a connector and does the conversions