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    I am a beginner in EJB, and I am studing for get my sun certification ,but I don´t know when use it in a real project where we could use it.

    For example if you have several servers in different places, you can share the weigth of the app, putting a bean in each server.

    ¿Someone knows a real situation where EJB are needed?, for example I am developing a project for an assotiation which has a web for Spain and from that web
    manage spanish projects, but also has another projects in Bulgaria then ¿could be a good idea use EJB for share in one EJB Bulgarian projects and in another Spanish project,
    with the capability of visualize all from an unique view?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Before looking at real world scenarios, look at what EJBs give you. Understand the seven roles and see what benefits you get from those roles being separated. Then understand what EJB containers are supposed to guarantee for you and see how that benefits the developer.
    From those you'll be able to see the technical benefits of using EJBs.

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