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    Default First EJB Project in NetBeans

    I'm trying to set up my first EJB Project in NetBeans.

    I followed the installation steps in this page and I have installed and configured the following software (as well as previously installed JRE and JDK): first Java EE 6 SDK and NetBeans after.
    In particular, I installed NetBeans 6.9.1 (without selecting GlassFish) by selecting only: Base IDE, Java SE, Java EE and Web, Features on-demand.
    Finally I added the GlassFish server to NetBeans.

    However, when I open an existing project (which works fine on another machine), an error is reported during the build: the javax package was not found.

    What causes the above error?

    Also: is the correct installation procedure I followed to configure my environment for enterprise java?

    Thanks a lot!


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    Is jdk installed on your computer? Try to reinstall jdk and configure your enviroment and netbeans.

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