Hi everyone,

I need to call a remote method getUserDetails methods of an API (lets say XAPI) the request for this in the XMl format is given as below:

<request version="2.0">
<target name="XAPI" operation="getUserDetails">

so from my Java code how do i need to construt the parameters for the above xml request with username and domain as parameters.

My java code looks like

XmlRpcClient server = new XmlRpcClient("");

Vector params = new Vector();
params.addElement(new String("xxxx"));
params.addElement(new String("abc.com"));
Object errorCode = server.execute("XAPI.getUserDetails", params);

I am able to connect to the Xml-Rpc Server(, but i am getting Invalid Parameters as Response . My Doubt here is how to set those parameter values as in the above xml format and send to XML-RPC server? so any one can guide me so that i can move in a Right path.

Thanks &Regards,