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    Default Mixing 2 audio stream threads for java mobile

    hey guys

    Posting for the first time here

    I need to develop a java mobile karaoke application.
    So basically I need to write 2 threads(or processes)
    One that streams an audio file behind which plays the tune
    The other that records the voice of the person singing
    Basically the person can sing along to a tune and record the song
    Any idea how I should go about this and what I should be using
    Which framework/platform should be ideal for doing this??

    I have also hear that running 2 threads for java mobile is not possible as java itself is running in a thread and hence it becomes cumbersome

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    right, while mobile devices are capable of full duplex audio (record while playing), the end user J2ME facilities we developers get to play with doesn't always allow for this within the same app. However, would it be possible to just have two apps, one that plays and one that records ?

    Im not sure how much work it would be, but would the FMJ project be adaptable to work in J2ME?

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