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    Thumbs up primarykey autho-increment

    pls, i'm having problem with ejb create method that has to create an auto increment in mysql database table.
    DATABASE TABLE: create table createpincode(id MEDIUMINT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,seriano char(30) NOT NULL, pincode char(30) NOT NULL,type char(30) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY(id));
    e.g public void createpins(int pins, String type){
    String id=null;
    pinlocal=pinhome.create(new Integer(id),serialno,pins,type);
    }catch(Exception ex){}
    the error at the jboss is
    Exception in method: public abstract void sessions.NewsessionLocalBusiness.create(int, java.lang.String):
    javax.ejb.Exception:null at session.NewsessionBean.createpins2(NewsessionBean. java:271) at sun.reflect.NativemethodAccessorImpl.invoke(unknow n source). what should i do becouse it works fine without the auto_increment primary key.
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    1.) Don't do catch(Exception ex){} at least print the stack trace of the exception. You are hiding exceptions so no one knows if there is a problem.
    2.)Post the exception that you get. What is being reported as being null?

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    Well, this:
    new Integer(id)

    Will throw a NumberFormatException since id is always null.

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