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Thread: javabeans?

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    Default javabeans?

    people, forums, blogs talk about javabeans but I still donīt understand

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    Hello Sin,

    As this page describes, it is the component architecture for Java. You can read more details about it there but basically it defines standard rules for Java components and you obey to those rules to have a Java component.

    For example, for a visual component, you should define get and set methods of the properties of this component. What does this allow? Think about your favorite IDE (Netbeans, Eclipse, JBuilder..). When you are building your GUIs in your IDE, you can easily change properties of a visual component you used in your forms by entering a new value for that property of the component. What IDE does automatically in the background is to detect properties of that visual component in the background, shows you them in a nice format (e.g. table) and when you enter new values, calling corresponding setXXX method for the property you changed.

    And EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) is the server-side component architecture as this web page describes. I am not much experienced on Java EE area but i am sure someone else in the forum can answer your questions about it if you have any questions after reading that page.

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