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    Default how do i get input from barcode reader?

    i have developed an inventory system, i used jsp to display to the user, servlets to control and PostgreSQL for the database.., now i want to add barcode reader to input data from the product, the problems are:
    1. where do i connect the barcode reader into my PC, which port, how much would it cost in USD?
    2. how do i get the data that was read by the barcode reader?

    pls show me simple code to get the input.. im still new to Java.. i've used java just for 2 months, the inventory system is my first project.. tnx

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    Hi anthrax,
    I am trying to do the same thing you were asking for, Getting input from a barcode reader. So if you have found any helpful thing, would you send it to me?
    Thanks a million and good luck :)

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    To find how much the reader will cost, you really just need to go shopping at your favourite computer store and ask "how much do you sell bar code readers for?". I'm not sure this forum can help you much with that.

    In terms of the interface to your Java program, I think this can be extremely simple: the software for many bar code readers simply emulates key presses corresponding to the number of the bar code scanned. So in your program, it'll be as though somebody just typed the number.

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