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    Default Help with request.getParameter()

    Hello. I am experiencing problems in my form.

    I have many textfields and I am saying request.getParameter("..") in some action.

    I also have a fileupload in the same form and trying to read it from the same action.

    But it seems that none of my request.getParameter() work.
    They all become null. But If I remove the fileupload stuff it works fine.
    So my question is.
    Can you use fileupload and textfields in the same form? Or do I need to separate the handling in to different forms and actions?


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    Yes, you can. If you post some code we may be able to help debug what is going on (I'm assuming you are using JSP coupled with a servlet).

    If you don't want to one example of doing this can be found here:

    JSP Example: File Uploading

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