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    Default MySite/ cannot resolve symbol

    I have a servlet which does this, is should create a new MyBean and pass in the params the bean then uses the params to acess a db and run a queray, the result set then adds the data into an array list , i then want to return the data to the servlet .
    Java Code:
    MyBean bean = new MyBean(categoryForm, PriceForm);
    		request.setAttribute("valid", bean);
    		List vids =MyBean.getVideos(categoryForm, PriceForm);
    Java Code:
    symbol  : class List
    location: class MySite.Valid
                    List vids = MyBean.getVideos(categoryForm, PriceForm);
    MySite/ non-static method getVideo(java.lang.String,
    ng.String) cannot be referenced from a static context
                    List vids = MyBean.getVideos(categoryForm, PriceForm);
    2 errors
    the first error should have:
    Java Code:
    "MySite/ cannot resolve symbol"

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    Please check this:

    Java Code:
    List vids =bean.getVideos(categoryForm, PriceForm);

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