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    Default Migrating Application from weblogic 8.1 to weblogic 10.0 - Urgent

    Hi All,

    I need a urgent help . We are trying to Migrate our Application from weblogic 8.1 to 10.0 . But i am unable to identify the correct procedure and the major changes that are needed for this migration to become a success . I have been working on this for like 1 month but no success till now .

    I fear there might be fingers pointing at me soon from the management as its taking a lot of time . I have had no prior experience with Weblogic sever and its deployment and i am the only one who is working on this project , i tried to follow the BEA Guide for the upgrade but it didnt help much caz its more a generic one and doesnt fir in the way our application is configured.

    I am sending a summary of the steps I have taken so far and the issues and concerns I have.

    First a Glimpse of our current Environment.

    Weblogic server 8.1
    JSPís Front Tier
    EJBís , MDBís middle Tier
    I Planet for authentication purposes
    Middlegen-2.0 for Autogenerating CMPís.
    Oakgrovesystems For Workflows within our application
    SQL sever 2005
    ANT 1.6
    Windows XP Professional
    Velocity 1.5 Used to generate Template Type Files that are used to generate Stored Procs, Html Files etc

    We are planning to migrate to Weblogic 10.0

    Here are the steps I have taken so far:

    1. Ran the build & deployment procedure in the WLS 8.1 environment.

    2. Installed WLS 10.0 in parallel and changed the environment variables pointing to JDK 5.0 and BEA10.

    3. Tried to Upgrade the deployed domain using the WebLogic Domain upgrade Wizard. But it says the selected domain directory is already a version 10.0 directory since the config.xml file inside the config folder is version 10.0 xml file, But it does not contain the configurations of the original configuration file that we had for 8.1.

    4. When I start the weblogic server using the startweblogic.cmd file that resides in the bin folder of wls 10 , it comes in running mode.

    5. After starting the admin console I found datasources, Deployments are all empty. in wls 8.1 we were only concerned with configuring security realm manually but not datasources,Deployments

    5. After I try to manually install the ear files and the Datasources [The server starts throwing numerous errors like SQL_SERVER is not a legal value for GeneratorType. The value must be one of the following: Sequence, SequenceTable , I have attached the log file for reference.

    6. For the above problem i ran the DDConverter Utility of wls 10.0 which when run across the wrong generators-type tags, creates the correct xml you need to deploy to your app to weblogic.

    7. I tried to follow the Bea guide for the upgrade but itís not helpful enough in our case.

    I am unable to find the correct path towards this deployement.

    1. Do we need to change our build.xml file and the respective targets inside it?
    2. Does the config.xml file needs change and how to do it?

    3. During the deployment I found that our build file is pointing to the lib directory of wls 8.1 which has weblogic.jar . That I guess needs a definite change.
    4. Do we need middlegen upgrade?
    5. Do we need Velocity Upgrade?
    5. The startweblogic.cmd now resides in bin directory prior to this it used to reside in the root directory of wls 8.1 and it has numerous references to pointbase server. So in what ways this script must be modified.

    Please let me know incase more information is required regarding the current environment or anyother such related things.
    Your Earliest Response will be very helfpul to me.

    Thanks a lot,


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    Hi Phanidhar,

    I have seen u r posting in the site,even I am also doing the same work.
    Do u know any tools which are useful to change the weblogic 8.1 to weblogic 10 .
    If u know please let me know I am very thankful to u.
    If u got any information regarding this work please update me as early as possible. sorry for troubling u. But for me no other option to solve this problem.
    Please reply me as early as possible.
    thanks for the patience.

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    Hi Guys,

    I also would like to know how you go about your migration.


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    vishwas over here .I am also in teh process of upgrade of weblogic from 8 to 10,9 to 10
    can you give me some inputs too as I am stuck

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