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    Default how to import a ejb bean in java file

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am having a java bean file named : CMSAccountPoolingEJBBean.
    I want to import this file in another java file.

    How do i write that?

    options are :

    1. CMSAccountPooling
    2. CMSAccountPoolingEJB
    3. CMSAccountPoolingEJBBean

    My basic question is : Is it necessary to write 'EJB' or 'EJBBean' at the end in import?

    This is my first post. Kindly forgive for any errors or disrespect.

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    why do you exactly need to import the bean .. if you want to use the API present in the bean .. you simply say import packageName.* ... but i dont find any logic of doing so .. why you need a EJB if you can have a simple POJO class doing the same ...

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    I think you did not know the basics of EJB?
    Read the EJB basics,Then you can find out the ans for the ques you asked here..
    (Living @ Virtual World)

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