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    Default Accounts of users

    I want to make a page Web with accounts of users, in which the users can be registered and login, does somebody can guide to me?, how can I do that?

    I did it that: when somebody does login I pay attention to the data base if that person already registered, I do session=req.getSession (true); and I keep like attribute from session the user's name. The problem is when other user does login, the page shows the first user's account.


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    Default RE: Accounts of users

    if you use tomcat, attached the security of your project to this. you only must modify server.xml

    Java Code:
    <Realm  className="org.apache.catalina.realm.JDBCRealm" debug="99" 
              connectionURL="jdbc: postgresql://" 
             connectionName="USER_DB" connectionPassword="PASSWORD_DB" 
                  userTable="TABLE_USERS" userNameCol="FIELD_USER" userCredCol="FIELD_PASSWORD"  
              userRoleTable="TABLE_ROLLS" roleNameCol="FIELD_ROLL" />
    and in the web.xml

    Java Code:
            <realm-name>MyFirst Protected Area</realm-name> 

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